“The photos of my twin boys left me speechless. I have taken thousands of photos of them in their short little lives, but the magic and grace and beauty with which you captured them is such a tremendous gift. Thank you so much.”

Eliza Portrait
Carol Harrold Photography

Hi. I’m Eliza.

I’ve been shooting weddings and portraits full-time since 2005. Photography is a job that doesn’t feel like a job; it feels like a privilege. I still get so excited when I pack up my gear to head off and photograph a wedding. I get to witness what may be the best day in your life--your wedding day--and create photographs that become part of your family history.

I love it when past wedding clients get in touch because they’re expecting a baby. Watching brides and grooms turn into parents and newborns turn into big brothers and sisters is a unique highlight of my work.

In 2013 my husband and I became parents to twin girls, giving me a whole new understanding of the importance of family portraiture. I cherish the photos of their early days and am astonished at how fast the weeks and months are blowing by. I know how important it is to freeze time and capture who kids are today.

I want to do that for you: photograph your life in all its perfection and, even better, its imperfection.

My work has been featured in Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom Magazine, Offbeat Bride, and the Stranger. I’m also one of the founders of Get Hitched Give Hope, an annual event that harnesses the power of Seattle’s wedding industry to raise money for good causes.

When I’m not shooting or having fun with my family I’m probably reading--fiction, non-fiction, The New Yorker, the back of the cereal box—it’s my favorite hobby that doesn’t involve a camera.