“The photos of my twin boys left me speechless. I have taken thousands of photos of them in their short little lives, but the magic and grace and beauty with which you captured them is such a tremendous gift. Thank you so much.”


Portrait FAQ

Where will we do our portraits?
I am an on-location photographer, which means we can either shoot at your home or outdoors at one of Seattle’s fabulous parks or urban spaces. For infants I recommend shooting at your home. Babies are most comfortable there, plus I know firsthand how hard it can be to get the little ones out the door!

What is the best time of day for portraits?
Morning and late afternoon are the best times in terms of flattering light, but if there are little kids involved it’s important to think about when they’re in the best mood. You know your kids inside and out—let me know what time you think they’d do their best—but for most kids a morning is a good choice. And if 8:00am is when your little one is all sunshine and smiles, that’s fine with me as a start time!

What should we wear?
The most important thing is that the clothes fit you well. If you’re sucking it in or pulling your shirt down every other minute, your discomfort is going to show in the photos.

For family portraits it’s also great to think about how everyone’s clothes will look in a group. Do they all work together in terms of color and style? Are they all the same degree of casual or formal? In general it’s also good to avoid busy patterns and words on clothes.

How long do portrait sessions last?
Family portraits last an hour to 90 minutes. Newborn shoots can last 2 plus hours so that we can take breaks for feeding, changing, and so on.

What if it’s raining on portrait day?
This happens a lot in Seattle, especially with fall portraits. But we have a few options:

  1. We can either brave it—boots and umbrellas can be fun!

  2. We can shoot indoors at your home.

I also know of a few covered-but-outdoor spots. If it’s raining on your portrait day give me a call that morning and we can talk about our options.

When should I schedule my maternity session?
Early in your 8th month is usually a good time. That way you’ve popped but hopefully you’re not too uncomfortable yet.

When should I schedule my newborn session?
Give me a call to let me know your due date. It can be hard during those first days just after the baby is born to schedule anything, so it’s really helpful to prepare a bit ahead of time. Add me to the list of people you’re letting know as soon as baby arrives because we will want to schedule your session in the first 7 to 10 after your baby is born.

The first week or so is the absolute best time to get newborn photos. After that babies start to lose that incredibly special newborn look…plus they start to get things like baby acne, peely skin, and cradle cap that don’t look so hot in photos.

I will come to you—no need to go anywhere—and we will have a very low-key, low-stress session in your home.

What are the best ages for baby pictures?
These milestones are some of my favorites, but there really is no bad age for baby photos:

  1. After those first newborn photos, the next great picture moment is when your little one starts smiling (3 or 4 months or so).

  2. Another great time is when they can sit on their own….but before they can crawl!

  3. And then, of course, the first birthday or standing/walking can be great times for photos.

How should I prepare for our portrait session?
Newborns and Babies: It’s great if you can feed your baby right before I arrive so she’s nice and full and sleepy when I arrive. For newborns it’s also great if you can turn up the heat a bit, especially if you’d like naked baby shots.

Toddlers and Kids: Well fed and well-rested is still a good rule of thumb here. Also, letting kids know what to expect is a big help. Let them know what the session will be like, where it will be, and how long it will take (and if you like, maybe let them know that they’ll get a treat after it’s all over?).

Should I bring anything with me to the session?
For shoots with little kids it can be smart to bring water and a non-messy snack (maybe Goldfish crackers or string cheese) for when their energy starts to fade. And if you’re so inclined, bringing some sort of treat (stickers? candy? bubbles? you name it) can work as an incentive. What can I say…bribery works.

Any do’s and don’ts for the session?
It can be really hard, but telling your child to “say cheese!” and “smile!” can result in some pretty uninspired fake smiles. Give me a little time to try to connect with your kid and see if I can get the real deal. With babies--and I know because I do this myself!--it can be hard to restrain the silly noises and squeaky toys to get one of those precious smiles. But if we crank up the hijinks and antics too early in the session, we kind wind up with a tuckered-out baby and no more tricks up our sleeve.

Taking it slowly, especially if it’s the first time your baby has met me, gives us the best results.

When and how do we pay you?
You can bring a check to your session for the sitting fee or I can swipe your credit card.

After the session, how long does it take for us to get our portraits?
About three weeks. If you need images sooner for baby announcements, etc. let me know.