“The photos of my twin boys left me speechless. I have taken thousands of photos of them in their short little lives, but the magic and grace and beauty with which you captured them is such a tremendous gift. Thank you so much.”


Wedding FAQ

Who are you?
Hi. I’m Eliza. I grew up on the east coast (Washington DC to be exact) but I’ve been in Seattle for over 13 years. I’ve got a cool husband and a pair of very sweet twin daughters. More here.

Why should we hire you to shoot our wedding?
Well, first off, the best photographer is one you and your partner have confidence in, since that person will be spending your big day with you and the people dearest to you. Confidence in a photographer’s skills, professionalism and expertise makes for a more relaxing event for everyone. I’ve been doing this for long enough to have a really great intuitive feel for how a wedding day unfolds, and I know how to look for those key moments and interactions between people. Another good reason to hire me is that I’m a pretty down-to-earth, easy-to-get-along-with person. If you’re an introvert and it’s important that your photographer not push you to do cheesy stuff that feels awkward to you, I’m your gal.

Why should we do an engagement session?
Engagement sessions are a great trial run for wedding photography. You can see what it’s like to be photographed so that on the big day getting your photo taken is no big deal. And of course it’s fun to use the images in a guest book or on save-the-date cards.

Do you work with a second shooter?
Almost always. I bring so much backup camera gear with me—extra camera bodies, extra lenses, extra flashes, extra batteries—and I like to think of the second shooter as the backup human. If I break my leg halfway through your wedding, you’ve got a backup right there. And even if everything goes smoothly, I love the second perspective they provide.

However, if your wedding is small enough that you think it might be overwhelming to have two photographers there, we can talk about me shooting it solo.

How long have you been shooting weddings?
My first full-time year shooting was 2005. Been shooting steadily ever since.

What do you charge?
My packages start at $2800.

How do I secure my wedding date?
Most couples meet up with me for coffee or a drink to see if we click and to look at some albums. When you’re ready to book we sign a contract and you pay a retainer of $1000, which secures your wedding date for you. Unfortunately I can’t reserve dates without a signed contract and retainer.

Will you be the one shooting my wedding or will an associate?
I will be the one shooting your wedding.

Do you travel?
Absolutely. For anywhere that’s more than an hour’s drive outside of Seattle I charge $50/hour of driving. So if your venue is 2 hours away, the travel fee would be $50.

If it’s someplace far enough away that I will need to spend the night, I’ll also need to charge you for the cost of the hotel.

What kind of gear do you use?
Lots and lots of beautiful Nikon cameras and lenses. 

For the camera geeks out there, my favorite lens is probably my 50mm 1.5 G lens, but I also love my 14-14mm 2.8 and my 70-200mm 2.8. I also love shooting with off-camera flash, so I have a ton of old school Nikon speedlights, PocketWizards, battery packs, and whatnot.

Are you insured?

Do you shoot video?
Nope. But I’m happy to give you a list of my favorite local videographers.

Do you bring back up gear?
Lots and lots. I come prepared so you don’t have to worry.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes. You can charge the entire amount of your wedding if you’d like.

How would you describe your working & shooting style?
For weddings, I mentally split the day in half.

For the first part of the day I’m your legacy portrait maker. I capture portraits of you and your spouse-to-be that are worthy of being a part of family history. Images of you both that are knock-out gorgeous. I also take beautiful, flattering photos that document your people—your family, your wedding party, your friends. To get those, I may need to do some light directing, a bit of managing, some dress fluffing, and a little fussing and bothering.

The second part begins with the ceremony, and I turn into a documentarian. Once the ceremony starts, I like to fade into the background and become a photo ninja. In other words, I start to cover the day more like a photojournalist would. I hunt for moments. I capture the laughter, dancing, and general merry-making with minimal interference.

I’m not going to stop the flow of the day to make you smile and pose while you’re cutting the cake; I’m just going to photograph what happens as it happens. Organically. Of course you’re more than welcome to grab me for a huggy-smiley photo with your cousin you haven’t seen in ages, but my primary mission is to scan and collect those special connections happening spontaneously all over the room.

Hopefully I’ll get some sweet shots that that you’re too busy being a bride/groom/host to notice. I love surprising my couples with joyful and touching moments they wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

How much time is enough to photograph our wedding?
There are a few factors to consider when determining time needed to cover your day:
Do you have a huge family that you want in group photos?
How large is your wedding party? Do you have a ton of bridesmaids and groomsmen, or none at all?
Do you want portraits at special places all over Seattle?

At our first meeting, we’ll talk about these factors and we’ll put together a rough timeline so you’ll know early on about how much time you’ll want to book me for to cover your day. 

What's the first step to hiring you?
It’s easy. Send an email to check my availability for your wedding date. From there we will set up a time to chat about details, either on the phone or in person.

How long after the wedding until we get our photos?
Generally about six weeks.

Do you shoot more than one wedding in a day?
Nope. It’s all about you and your day. Adding extra hours of coverage is not a problem at all. I’m here for you.