“The photos of my twin boys left me speechless. I have taken thousands of photos of them in their short little lives, but the magic and grace and beauty with which you captured them is such a tremendous gift. Thank you so much.”


Wedding Testimonials

“We are thrilled!!! Thank you so much! We can't believe how gorgeous everyone looks - so many beautiful, soulful pictures we can't wait to share.” –Christine & Jake

“Oh my gosh, the pic of Olive sitting on the bench holding her locket is priceless!!  I love it all!!  And then, are you kidding me (?!?!) the MONEY shot of Tom dipping/kissing me on the dance floor with the back lighting, WHAT?  And the SUNSET PHOTOS, are you for real!?!  They are AMAZING!!!  Seriously, I think we're a pretty good looking couple, and Olive's cuteness factor is to the nines, but you make us look like Hollywood GLAM!!!!  Ok, can't stop gushing......  Tom and I are pretty much in "perma-grin" mode!” –Shannon & Tom

“We found Eliza at Get Hitched, Give Hope. We won a package for engagement photos in the silent auction. Eliza had a way of making the pictures not feel staged or awkward and capturing our personalities in the pictures. We knew we wanted her for our wedding after that shoot and couldn't have been more happy with the outcome of our wedding pictures. Eliza is both professional and personable. We thought Eliza did an amazing job at not only capturing the events at our wedding but also the feel of the wedding environment and our attitudes as a couple. We'd highly recommend her!” –Leigha & Tim

“They are beautiful, amazing! I love them! They bring back so many great memories and I laughed a LOT while looking through them! I'm so glad you captured every moment! Thank you so much!” –Maricel & Adam

"We love them! There are so many great ones it's hard to decide what we want to print!  We had so much fun. Thank you for everything." --Michaela & Joe

"We absolutely love the pictures, you did an outstanding job. Ryan and I both remarked that there are so many great pictures it is going to be hard to choose, we might just have to get them all printed!" --Emily & Ryan

"Eliza!  These are incredible.  I can't thank you enough.  We love them!!!" --Keaton & Mark

"Wow, the pictures are AMAZING and everyone who has seen them is RAVING about them! Thank you so MUCH! So, as you can guess I've been looking at them non-stop..." Emily & Blair

"We got the disc last night and they're fantastic!!   No idea how we'll choose for the albums...  Such a great combination of natural posed shots and really beautiful and fun unposed shots. Thank you so much!!  We're totally thrilled, and know that having such amazing photos will help keep the memories alive in the coming years!" --Maria & Chris

"Oh my god - I'm totally crying again over how wonderful a day it was!!! Thank you for capturing it so well." --Aubrey & Chris

"The photos you guys took are beautiful. I love the candid nature, and how you really captured people looking moved at the ceremony and happy at the reception. I couldn’t be happier with the lot." --Shannon & Jean

"Peter and I just got back yesterday, so we just had a chance to look at the wedding pictures, and they are amazing. I really wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. I don't normally consider myself to be very photogenic, but even I look great in these pictures, and that has to be your doing--I never look good in pictures. Also, all of the shots of our family and friends and of the Cafe are beautiful. They really capture what the whole evening was like, and they are a great, great way to relive it. Thank you very much!"--Jen & Peter

"I am loving having the photos! The thing that hit me yesterday evening when I was looking at them all again, was the great shots we have of people laughing, not smiling, but really laughing, in a very natural way, these I think are my favorites! You really captured the people and happiness and fun of the event, thank-you." --Kate & Rob

"We got our photos last night.  I can't believe how amazing they are!  We looked through all the pictures and after we were done I wanted to look through all of them again!   I was so touched by all of the great shots you got and how you didn't miss a thing.  The wedding was a whirlwind day but looking at the photos was like re-living it all over again.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. You made our day that much more special." --Nicole & Jimmy

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe how FANTASTIC these pictures are! We are so thrilled! They're just gorgeous. You were so professional through this whole process, and we are so thankful you were willing to work with us on our budget. I truly don't believe anyone could have done a better job. We love them!" --Rebecca & John


Portrait Testimonials

"The photos of my twin boys left me speechless. I have taken thousands of photos of them in their short little lives, but the magic and grace and beauty with which you captured them is such a tremendous gift. Thank you so much." –Dawn

"Eliza, we just looked through the pictures.  They are absolutely positively gorgeous.  I think they're the best photos you've ever taken of our family.  We love them.  Thank you so much!" –Vanessa

"The canvas pics are gorgeous!  They fit perfectly on our wall, every time we look at them, we're in awe! Thanks for all your work!  We'll be calling you in a year!" –Robynn

"I LOVE the pictures.  You really captured the personality of Gabe.  Thank you!!!   There are so many wonderful shots.  I have to go and buy more frames." –Christine

“Thank you for everything! You're the best and we look forward to working with you in the coming years. Please don't move away or stop being awesome!" –Amy